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Welcome to Starry Trails !

A simple & fun way to explore the night sky as it appears from your very own backyard!
Learn about constellations and other celestial objects that are visible
throughout the Northeast Ohio sky.

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Welcome to Starry Trails !
                Written by Suzie Dills - Backyard Astronomy !


Grab your winter coat, hat, gloves, warm socks and boots. We do not want to miss one of the most spectacular starry hikes of the year! Not only will we see several planets, but the brilliant stars of winter will guide us from one celestial delight to another! Do you have your Starry Trail map and binoculars? Letís enjoy!

We will start our hike one hour after sunset.
This will be at 6:00pm at the beginning of January & 6:30pm by months end.

We need to put on our winter coats, hats, gloves, and boots. Grab your Starry Trail map and binoculars and letís enjoy!

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