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Welcome to Starry Trails !

A simple & fun way to explore the night sky as it appears from your very own backyard!
Learn about constellations and other celestial objects that are visible
throughout the Northeast Ohio sky.
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Welcome to Starry Trails ! Written by Suzie
                Dills - Backyard Astronomy !

Spring always brings renewed excitement for stargazers! Warmer weather and clearer skies are here!

We have fantastic celestial events coming our way over the next few months! Jupiter continues to close the
gap on Venus and Mercury makes its best evening appearance of the year during the first week in May. Head
out about one hour after sunset and face west. Mercury can be found to the lower right of Venus.
For our hike, we will begin around 9:30pm. Letís grab our jacket, Starry Trail Map and binoculars.
Classical Science by Stephan offers a great selection of binoculars,telescopes and spotting scopes for the beginner
to the pro. They also have an antique and vintage line which includes microscopes, telescopes, surveyor's instruments, apothecary & analytical  scales, plus much more. They even have a few birding items !For more information
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